Best Diablo 3 Enchantress Builds and Skills Guide

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The Enchantress is the last Follower you will pick up in Diablo 3 and is the one with the highest level skills. The Enchantress seems to be a solid mix between the other two followers, offering both offensive and defensive buffs as well as having a decent amount of firepower.

You can train your skills with your Enchantress by pressing the “f” key to bring up the Follower menu. You can change these skills at any time by right clicking on the Enchantress’s icon and then selecting the retrain skills option. This will reset her abilities and you can learn new ones so you do not have to worry about getting locked out.

The Enchantress has a variety of buffs, but also can charm and disorient enemies and can even reflect projectiles. However, due to the random nature of these skills and the fact that you cannot control them, I tend to lean towards the reliable buffs and skills as you will see with my choices below:

  • Level 15: Forceful Push. This does a solid amount of damage and only has a 10 second cooldown. I find the Charm skill annoying to deal with because the enemy you charm will turn on you after a few seconds. Then again, many melee classes may find the knockback offered by the Enchantress to be a bit obnoxious as then you have to move again to chase down the enemies she knocks back.
  • Level 20: Powered Armor. While reflecting projectiles sounds cool, I definitely want to take a 15% upgrade in armor instead. The armor is a reliable buff and affects all incoming damage, so I would rather have that. Powered Armor works even better if you use a shield as your armor total will already be higher.
  • Level 25: Erosion. This is about the equivalent of a 3% DPS bonus for both you and your follower, or even more if you time it out so that when Erosion is up you use your most powerful skills.
  • Level 30: Focused Mind. When combined with the other buffs you get access to, the Enchantress just might be the best buffing Follower there is.

Enchantress Gear Guide

The Enchantress really does not deal that much damage – just 1 attack that deals 100% weapon damage on a 10 second cooldown. As a result you really do not need to worry about DPS with this character. Instead, I would try to max out her health so she is survivable as well as max out her magic find and gold find.

You seem to gain 20% of your Follower’s Magic Find and Gold Find, so you might as well max this out. Make sure you do get enough health though that she survives. You are not really using this follower for damage and instead just want her for her buffs.

  • Level 30:
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