Best Diablo 3 Farming Class

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Since Diablo 3 is a game of items, many players want to know what the best farming class is in Diablo 3. This does not have a straight forward answer so in this guide I will be revealing different options for what the best class is.

Best Farming Class for Top Tier Items

The best items in Diablo 3 can only be found in Acts 3 and 4 of Inferno mode. This is a very difficult area of the game to fight in when you are playing solo – you really need a 4-man group to be effective here unless you are already geared out. Because of this, really any class can farm well since you will be part of a 4-man team if you want to have a lot of success with Inferno.

However, if you are looking to solo Inferno mode, I think that either the Monk or the Demon Hunter has the best chance. The Demon Hunter is good because it is a ranged class and can avoid a lot of enemies. The problem is the Demon Hunter still might suffer against melee enemies that are very fast and wall you in (Rare packs).

The Monk on the other hand cannot avoid damage as easily due to its melee status, but it does have a variety of mitigation abilities and healing skills that are not available to other classes. This could allow the Monk to survive very difficult scenarios and as such be good at farming.

Best Class for Solo Farming

Things change a lot if you are playing solo because odds are you will be farming lesser enemies for speed rather than time in an effort to get gold, rare items, crafting materials, and gems. You can effectively farm gems, crafting materials, and gold in Act 1 of Inferno mode and you can kill enemies here pretty quickly.

The Barbarian I think makes the best class for this portion of the game because you are able to do a ton of AoE damage as a Barbarian and still get good damage mitigation. This means that you will be able to take a few hits in Act 1 of Inferno mode but will still be able to clear fast enough to collect large piles of gold, gems, and the crafting materials you need in order to make good money.

While the Wizard and Witch Doctor are good classes, I am not sure if I can consider them near the top of the list for the best farming classes. The Wizard is definitely good at farming but it cannot take as many hits as the Barbarian and it can be hard to avoid damage from Rare packs in Inferno mode due to all of the prefixes that enemies get.

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