Best Diablo 3 Scoundrel Builds and Skills Guide

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The Scoundrel is the second Follower you will get in Diablo 3. Unlike the other two Followers, the Scoundrel is the one most capable of dealing damage and its abilities tend to lean towards contributing to DPS or disabling enemies rather than offering buffs.

You will note that the Scoundrel has 3 skills which can be used to disable the opponent. In our D3 Scoundrel guide, you will find out which skills are the best ones to pick and for what classes you might use the Scoundrel.

  • Level 5: Crippling Shot. Crippling Shot is actually really good as whenever you are fighting single targets (i.e. bosses you want to kite), this skill will keep them snared by 60% and is active half of the time (3 second duration on a 6 second cooldown). This makes kiting enemies a breeze. The other shot does deal a solid amount of damage but really even with great gear a Follower will only do so much damage.
  • Level 10: Dirty Fighting. Who cares if the Scoundrel dies, as he is not a tanking class and will just reappear anyway in about 20 seconds or so. I would rather have the blinding effect. Even though it is not up that often it basically takes out nearby enemies 10% of the fight, which is better than nothing. Blinds are also a lot less annoying than the Enchantress’s charm effects.
  • Level 15: Powered Shot. An AoE stun on a 20 second cooldown is not bad at all. While it does not go off that much, it is better than nothing and when you add it onto Crippling Shot and Dirty Fighting it is a decent amount of damage mitigation that the Scoundrel can scrap together.
  • Level 20: Anatomy. While the 10% damage buff looks interesting, it only has 50% up-time at most (5% enhanced damage) and in normal situations that will be even less. If you have any bonus critical damage gear on, Anatomy will be much better off for your DPS. I suppose if you have no damage bonus for your critical hits you could roll with Hysteria.

Diablo 3 Scoundrel Gear Guide

The equipment for your Scoundrel is pretty simple: get them a lot of magic find and gold find. While this class gets bonus damage from Dexterity, this class is not going to be doing that much damage anyway. You can get them dex gear as you see it but I would rather have more magic find and gold find.

You seem to get 20% of the magic find and gold find your Follower has, so if you have 100% gold find on your Follower, you wind up getting an extra 20% more gold from enemies. I think this is a much easier way to min/max your Follower than worrying about boosting up their naturally pathetic damage. After all, Scoundrels like gold and magic items!

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