Diablo 3 Barbarian Tank Build

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The Barbarian (along with the Monk) is one of the classes capable of a solid tank build. In this article, you are going to get a guide to the best D3 Barbarian tank build that includes active and passive abilities.

Active Abilities

The first skill you want to choose as a tanking Barbarian is Bash. With Bash, you want to equip the Clobber rune. This offers you the ability to stun your opponents, which reduces the damage not only that you take but also the amount of damage the enemy deals. Stuns work well on bosses so there is no need to skip over these.

The second skill in this build will be Ground Stomp. This is an AoE stun that works well with bash and helps you keep enemies locked down. You can stun powerful enemies like bosses that are about to use their power abilities like the Skeleton King’s summon in order to stop them from casting. This is very useful as you can imagine.

Leap will be the third skill you add to your Hotbar. Here, you have two options for runes that work. You can go with Iron Impact, which will increase your armor by 300%. This is a nice amount of damage reduction. Since Leap has a 10 second cooldown and Iron Impact lasts for 4 seconds, this means you can have 300% bonus armor active 40% of the time! You can also use Death From Above which will give you even more stuns to chain with Ground Stomp and Bash. Know that you can use leap even on enemies in melee range, so you want to use it every 10 seconds for the buff or stun.

Threatening Shout is the skill you need you need in your fourth slot. There is a rune called Demoralize which makes enemies attack you for 3 seconds. This is the only taunt really in Diablo 3. However, you may also choose Falter, which further reduces the damage that enemies deal when affected by Threatening Shout. Both are good choices.

Ignore Pain is a great fifth skill as it gives you an “oh crap” button that you can push whenever you are in trouble. By reducing your damage by 65% for 5 seconds, you can practically survive any sort of attack. This works great with Mob Rule, which gives the buff to everyone in your group. This tanking build is meant for group play as it will not deal much damage.

Finally, you will want to use War Cry as your sixth skill. This will boost you and your group member’s armor nicely. There are a variety of runes you can choose from, but which one you choose depends on the encounter and your group’s gear. Sometimes you will want the extra armor whereas other times you will want the resistance. It depends if you have another Barbarian or Monk in the group to buff as well.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Tanking Passive Skills

Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, and Superstition are the three tanking passives you will want to equip. The first two will buff your armor up significantly and Superstition will help reduce the amount of damage you take from elemental abilities. All are great passives for use here.

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