Diablo 3 Blacksmith Guide

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The Blacksmith in Diablo 3 is your artisan that crafts armor and weapons for your character, no matter what your class. The Blacksmith is the only Artisan at release in D3 that can create weapons and armor. The Blacksmith can create every slot in the game except for amulets and rings.

In this Diablo 3 Blacksmith guide, we will discuss how crafting works, how to level up Blacksmith, and give you a general outline for how your Blacksmith will progress throughout the levels.

Diablo 3 Blacksmithing Guide – Getting Materials

Blacksmithing is a simple craft in Diablo 3 that lets you break down magic gear (or higher quality) into materials and then turn those materials along with some gold into new equipment.

You first have to get materials to craft with before you can make any items through Blacksmithing. To do this, bring your magic (blue) quality items that you do not want an interact with the Blacksmith in town (you unlock the Blacksmith very early in Diablo 3). Next, click on the Salvage tab and button and then start clicking on the gear you no longer want. It will get broken down into magic-quality essences and occasionally a rare crafting item.

The progression salvaged gear is pretty simple: normal mode magic items break down into materials used to create gear in the level ranges of normal mode. As you reach a higher levels, you need more and more of those materials to craft items.

However, when you reach a new difficulty level, you will need to salvage items that belong to that difficulty level into materials for gear that is effective in that difficulty range. Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno each have their own difficulty levels and gear sets. Here is the breakdown:

  • Levels 1-4: Normal
  • Levels 5-6: Nightmare
  • Levels 7-8: Hell
  • Levels 9-10: Inferno

D3 Blacksmith Guide – Training Your Blacksmith

Getting your Blacksmith up in levels is simple: just spend gold and click the “train” button. You will need a few additional items to train your Blacksmith at higher levels and these are mentioned below. While leveling up your Blacksmith is expensive, fortunately the Blacksmith is account wide, so when you level up your Blacksmith on one character, it will stay the same level on all your other characters. The exception to this would be that you have separate Artisans for regular and hardcore modes.

As you train your Blacksmith, he will learn more recipes by default. You can craft pretty much any piece of equipment you might need while leveling up simply by training your Blacksmith. However, at higher levels, the Blacksmith requires recipes in order to craft the best gear, which is discussed below.

Diablo 3 Blacksmith Guide – Extra Items & Recipes

In addition to your normal salvaged materials, there are a few other items you will need in order to craft in Diablo 3. There are three more ingredients you need to collect to craft with: Pages of Blacksmithing, Tomes of Blacksmithing, and Tomes of Secrets.

Pages of Blacksmithing are used to train your Blacksmith through levels 5-6 and are used as crafting ingredients for gear in the Nightmare-mode range. Tomes of Blacksmithing are used through levels 7-8 and are used to craft gear in the Hell-mode range. Tomes of Secrets are used for leveling through levels 9-10 but are also a major part of crafting, moreso than the Pages and Tomes of Blacksmithing.

Each of these crafting materials is found off of enemies, in pots, and on shelves throughout Diablo 3. No extra items drop in Normal mode, nor are they needed. Pages of Blacksmithing drop in Nightmare Mode, Tomes of Blacksmithing drop in Hell mode, and Tomes of Secrets drop in Inferno mode.

In addition to extra items, the last thing I need to mention in this Diablo 3 Blacksmith guide is the presence of recipes. Throughout the game world, you will find various recipes that you can use for your Blacksmith. Once your Blacksmith reaches Inferno mode, most of your gear actually has to be crafted through recipes rather than through training.

To clarify, you will find scrolls throughout the game world which you can give to your Blacksmith that will permanently enable him to craft a certain item. The best items in the game can only be crafted after you find the recipe. In particular, rare-quality items named “Exalted Grand (Item Name)” are the best possible, and as such they tend to be extremely valuable. You have to decide if you want to sell the recipe or use it for yourself!

Diablo 3 Blacksmith Guide

By leveling up your Blacksmith, you can craft yourself all the gear you will ever need when leveling up. This will allow you to skip the Auction House and just spend your gold on your own Blacksmith. This will pay dividends when you reach the max level and want to craft some of the best gear in the game, some of which can only be earned through Blacksmithing rather than through fighting bosses.

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