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In Diablo 3, the max level available to players is level 60. You can be sure that this will be raised through further expansion packs, probably from 60 to 70 in the first expansion and 70 to 80 in the second expansion. There are two planned expansions for Diablo 3 and we might see a third if the interest is there and Blizzard is able to make it profitable.

However, there is more than meets the eye to the way levels work in Diablo 3. In this article, you will find out what exactly I mean by that and what monster levels are like and how experience points work.

Experience Points by Level in Diablo 3

The way experience works in Diablo 3 is that you can get experience from enemies as long as you are not 10 levels or more higher than your enemy. This means that if a level 20 player kills a level 2 enemy, you will earn no experience, but if a level 18 player kills a level 10 enemy, you will get a small amount of experience.

The higher the monster’s level and the stronger it is, the more base experience it tends to offer. What I mean by this is that weak enemies tend to offer less experience points than big ones (i.e. weak skeletons versus large Abominations). However, this is just the base experience points.

Base experience points are then modified based on level. You only get the full base experience points for fighting monsters that are equivalent to your level. If you are fighting monsters above you, you get a very small XP boost up to three levels higher. This is not very significant so I would not go out of my way to seek this bonus.

If you are fighting monsters below your level, you get an experience point penalty. This penalty is very small for the first three levels then drops off sharply. What I mean by this is that if you are level 12 and fight a level 9 monster, you still get close to full credit for that enemy since you are only 3 levels higher than it. If you reach level 15 and fight that same monster, you will get almost no experience points for taking it out since you are 6 levels higher than it.

Monster Level by Difficulty

Monster level increases with each difficulty range. Monsters in Normal Mode go up to about level 31, in Nightmare Mode they go up to about 50, and in Hell Mode they go up to 60. Inferno Mode is something different altogether. Even though your character’s max level is 60 in Diablo 3, monsters in Inferno Mode can go up to level 65!

This means they will take less damage, dodge more frequently, and hit you with more accuracy than if they were at your level or lower. This gap in levels between you and your enemies is what makes Inferno Mode so hard!

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