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Interview: Chief Marketing Officer of Infinium Labs

Posted on Tue, Oct 14, 2003

We were recently lucky enough get an interview with Chief Marketing Officer at Infinium Labs, David Fredrick. We asked David questions about the upcoming Phantom gaming system, check out what he had to say below.

*GT = Gamer-Talk Staff
*DF = David Fredrick

GT: What was the motivation to begin the project of the Phantom game console?

DF: To provide a highly scalable, high performance game system that allowed for unprecedented flexibility, intuitiveness and affordability. We looked at ways in which to develop a true next generation game system that took advantage of both technology performance as well as infrastructure. This led us to the creation of Phantom.

GT: What places the Phantom apart from any other game console?

DF: Phantom is not a game console for one. Phantom is a true game system built around two key components 1: Phantom (technology platform) 2: PhantomNet –VPGN –the service whereby consumers can search, select, preview, purchase or rent game content.

GT: What places the Phantom apart from a regular PC?

DF: Phantom is built from the ground up as a dedicated game system. The hardware is task specific, it runs Microsoft Windows XPe and it is preconfigured to simply plug into a cable jack or DSL modem and work right out of the box. Phantom also runs a proprietary GUI with a variety of security features to ensure anti-piracy, etc. In short, Phantom is professional grade from the Phantom through the dedicated, redundant, VPN connection and infrastructure support.

GT: How will the Pay per Play rental option cost be structured?

DF: Pay per play rental option is based on three options. 1 day, 3 day or 7 day rental options.

GT: What developers/publishers will be supporting the Phantom upon its release?

DF: Currently, Infinium is working with all the major publishers and developers to allow for content to be sold through the Phantom Game System. We have already announced Riverdeep with many more announcements coming over the next few weeks.

GT: How do you plan on convincing people to make the initial $300-400 dollar investment without having a game in hand?

DF: The Phantom is priced at the sub $299.99 price range. Product will be shipping by mid 1st QTR 2004. Currently, interested customers have the option to pre-register a unit so that when the units come off the manufacturing line, there will be one allocated for them. Additionally, by mid-December, customers will be able to purchase the Phantom Game System with the delivery in Q1.

GT: How do you plan on keeping the Phantom safe with all the recent turmoil (MSBlast and other worms), as it is an always-on broadband device?

DF: Phantom does not surf the net or have an “open-door” to the web. Therefore, it will not be exposed to those types of viruses. Phantom’s “broadband internet connection” is connected to a controlled and secured Virtual Private Network. From there, Phantom will search, select, preview, demo and purchase or rent content. Not from the open internet. Additionally, there are significant security systems built into the system and network to protect the data integrity and anti-piracy features. The very nature of VPN is extremely secure.

GT: What kind of power is behind the VPGN (Virtual Private Gaming Network), and can you guarantee it will be able to handle the demands of thousands of users?

DF: Our back end infrastructure is supported by some of the biggest names in internet data services. In fact, many of the people working in Infinium Labs come from the internet data security industry. One thing is certain about Infinium Labs, when it comes to data management over the internet that is one of our core competencies. Taking that with our technology partners, we will have the strongest and most secure redundant, high performance solution currently available.

GT: How long do you see the console itself lasting, as graphics and peripherals advance beyond its technological abilities?

DF: Because Phantom is built on high performance and scalable technology, both software and hardware are upgradeable to stay ahead of the technology curve.

GT: Where do you see yourselves and the Phantom game system in 3-5 years?

DF: We see Phantom being the bench mark technology platform and infrastructure for interactive content.

Posted By: Adam Paoli - 1928 Reads

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