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Interview: President of Titus Interactive

Posted on Wed, May 19, 2004

1. Could you exactly tell us what is your role and your influence in the midst of Titus Interactive?

I am the cofounder of Titus Interactive, and since 1985, I supervise the creation of new games.

2. We all know Titus for its famous « Crazy Cars » and for its game using the renowned Lamborghini licence ; is it a return at the source and your first passions?

At Titus, we always loved sport cars. To drive one is something but to drive a Lamborghini, it is something unique, an unforgettable experience.

3. How would you summarize Lamborghini FX?

A fast paced arcade game with funny and cool challenges.

4. What is your feeling working with a developer like Milestone, creator of the famous racing games Screamer 1 and 2 and Racing Evoluzione?

Milestone is the best Italian developer, and one of the best European studios concerning racing games. Who is better than an Italian team to create a game about the legendary cars of Lamborghini ?

5. Lamborghini FX will be released on all platforms ; why have you made this choice when we know that a few games are released on all platforms?

Our whish was to offer Lamborghini FX to the largest part of gamers whose design was created for a large audience.

6. What type of target are you aiming? Is there a multiplayer mode?

The game is for every player from 5 years old. Concerning the multiplayer mode, it depends on the platform but in general we can play up to 4 players.

7. Let’s go straight to the game : could you tell us the positioning of the game facing the competition?

I just coming back from the E3. I am enthusiastic because our game is the fastest and the most playable. There are too many games where violence is prevailing and our goal is different and we want to create a game where challenge between the competitors is essential but with no silly violence. Maybe a bit like Mario Kart which remains an emblem.

8. It is the first time in the history of video games that such a renowned licence allows the deterioration of its models : what is your feeling about being a pioneer with this new concept and was it hard to negotiate with Lamborghini to convince them?

We needed to be realistic showing that if we were badly driving, having too many collisions with the surroundings and other cars, thus our should be damaged like in the reality.

9. The game claims to be resolutely devoted to arcade still staying fun like Mario Kart : Can we find bonuses allowing the same game play?

We can, and it is even one of the strongest point of the game. Performing incredible stunts you are earning bonuses that you can use to bother the other racers.

10. What are the key features of the game?

Its speed and it is very easy to pick up and play. And above all the presence of all the Lamborghini models including the recent Murcielago and Gallardo, the mythic Diablo and Countach but also the Miura and the LM002 which is according to me the model that inspired the Americans to design the Hummer.

11. You are talking about a contest in which all players of each country where the game will be distributed will challenge throughout codes achieved thanks to their speed and stunts : could you tell us something about this contest?

We are finalizing our detail plan but we can already announce that the really best players will win an awesome trip to Italy, including the visit of Lamborghini’s factory of Sant’Agata, meal with the team at the factory, and a tour in a real Lamborghini recent model next to an official Lamborghini pilot. It is definitely one of the best big prize ever proposed for a videogame contest!

12. To summarize, speed and bonuses worthy of Mario Kart within a game exclusively dedicated to Lamborghini, such is the explosive alchemy you are putting forward : is it a game to relax far from the difficult simulation racing games?

Yes and it is also terribly addictive. This game is for instantaneous use and for immediate pleasure.

13. When will the game be released and is the release forecasted in all countries?

The game will be released from July 2004 in Europe, in the USA and Japan.

14. We want to thank you for having given us time to make this interview possible and we wish players will take pleasures to play Lamborghini FX : do you have a last word for players?

I hope they will appreciate the game which combine the great technical skills of Milestone, the famous Lamborghini models and the know-how of Titus concerning racing games.

Posted By: Adam Paoli - 1105 Reads

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