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Def Jam: Fight for NY Preview for PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Posted on Sunday, June 13, 2004 @ 12:24:44 am E.S.T

Yo yo! All my homeskillets in tha hizzouse best be respectin’, cuz I’m bouts to drop a phat-ass bomb on all y’all (and yo mothers, hear?). This be yo main man Stizealth, getting down wit the Word and givin’ all you playa hatin’ foo’s the down-low on EA and AKI’s newest incarnization of the roughest, toughest, and rhyminest series in the world, hear? It be Def Jam: Fight for N.Y., featurin’ mo’ rappas, mo’ wrestlers, mo’ moves, and mo’ drama than yo baby girl ‘round the end of the month, playa. So take a swig of yo gin and juice, grab yo 9, and clip on your shiniest platinum fronts cuz we’z ‘bout to get up close and personal with what’s goan be the best urban wrestin’ game to date. Holla!

Here’s the set-up: D-Mob, the biggest, baddest gangster in tha N.Y. is gettin’ outta tha icer, but he be returnin’ to see that this hater Crow is frontin’ all up his territory. Crow’s tryin’ to replace D-Mob as head of the underground fightin’ circuit, and D-Mob’s getting’ pretty damn pissed, too. He’s turnin’ to you (since you whooped his ass in the first game, yo) to take out Crow and his cronies. Is ya’ up to tha task?

My (far) East Coast homies over at AKI been mad updating’ all over Fight for N.Y. First off, they been addin’ one helluva create-a-playa feature, lettin’ playas get down and dizirty with all kinds of options, like hair and skin color, body types, custom tats, and some tight-ass jewels from my main man Jacob the Jeweler, hear? Like ‘dat first game, Fight for N.Y. is featurin’ a kickin’ hip-hop cast. It gotz all my homies, like Ludacris, Sticky Fingas, Redman, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Kim, and fo’ some reason Carmen Electra, too (I ain’t frontin’ though. Nothin’ I like better than a lil’ Kim on Carmen action, yo).

They also be adding a phat new fightin’ engine, child. It’s lettin’ playas choose from fightin’ styles like kickboxin’, street fightin’, martial arts, wrestlin’, and some sweet submission fightin’, too. These are gonna be allowin’ players to get crunk wit they own styles (playas can combine up to three and make they own ‘hybrid style’) instead a jus’ playin’ round wit’ that square-ass, provided style in the first game. And man, ‘dem complicated-ass controls in ‘dat first game was crampin' my style – my brothas at AKI is simplifyin’ the hell outta ‘dat control scheme. Plus, you best be knowin’ that the series ain’t near as focused on wrestlin’ nowadays – real street fightin’ is king now, playa.

Fight for N.Y.’s gonna be bigger than the rims on Luda’s Caddy – it’s got 22 diff’rent venues to fight in, and they’z all deadly as hell. Playas can smash each other on poles, stage lights, walls, metal bars, and just about anything else in levels, which means interactivity’s gonna be huge up in this bitch. Levels is also featurin’ ten diff’rent "matches." In the Inferno match, playas get dropped in the middle of a ring of hot-ass fire. Whoever gets knocked outta tha ring first loses, plus they get made into some tasty chitluns, yo. ‘Subway’ is anotha’ kind of match. Fights can go on forever – they end when a playa gets thrown on the subway tracks and gets his ass run over by a train (either that or the po-po runs up on his grill). And did I give a shout out to the weapons? Playas is gonna get to handle all sorts of dizevastatin’ weapons, like baseball bats, lead pipes, beer bottles, hammers, metal beams and much mo’. Yo, Fight for N.Y.’s levels is already lookin’ real nasty. ‘Fore this game’s over, playas is goan look worse than O.D.B.’s teeth, fo’ real.

Fight for N.Y. ain't shippin' ‘till fall 2004, but screenshots and video feeds is already lookin’ tight as hell. All the fightin’ is smooth, and animations is lookin’ phat wit’ a capital P-H. Graphical tizouches like the shine off jewels and flowin’ blood look straight-up hot, while the dark color palette keeps a sweet urban mood, hear? All tha artists look jus’ like their real-life counterparts, and you best be knowin’ Lil’ Kim’s gonna be havin’ some TIGHT new outfits.

Far as sound goes, Fight for N.Y. is hot. All the artists is recordin’ they own voices, and some, like main man Snoop, is raisin’ up and playin’ characters in the game’s story mode. EA’s gonna be mo’ lenient on editing the game’s soundtrack this time ‘round, so artists is gonna get down to some serious business in the series’ 2nd addition. Without a doubt, Fight for N.Y. is gonna blow the roof straight off with this soundtrack – be expecting some slammin' tracks, yo.

Yo, Def Jam: Fight for N.Y.’s lookin’ bangin’ right now, featurin’ a new fightin’ engine, tight graphics, and a sweet soundtrack, too. Some things, like multi-play and Live capabilities (they ain’t be havin’ that in tha ghetto, child) is still a mystery, but we’ll be findin’ all them stuffz out when the game ships in fall this year. ‘Till then, I’ll be seein’ you foo's later. This is been Stealth, bringin’ it to ya from tha dirty, dirty Souf. ‘Till tha next episode, y’all. Peace!

Preview By: Stealth52 - 4132 Reads

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Def Jam: Fight for NY Screenshots for PlayStation 2 (PS2)
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