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Max Payne Preview for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Posted on Friday, December 12, 2003 @ 03:18:28 am E.S.T

In 2001 a game was released for the PC, which some consider to be the best PC game of all time. This game was Rockstar's Max Payne. The game followed an undercover cop, coincidentally named Max Payne, who must blast his way through hoards of enemies to get revenge for his murdered family. What made Max Payne different from any other shooter was its utilizition of the bullet-time effect. With this, gamers had the ability to slow down time, thus giving Max better aim and the ability to dodge bullets from a far distance. Of course this had previously been seen in the 1999 movie The Matrix, but never before in a game. And like The Matrix, it blew people away.

After Max Payne's massive success on the PC, a console version was released for Xbox and PlayStation 2. After the phenomenon had revolutionized shooters, many copycats were released that also tried to utilize bullet-time, but none could compare to Payne's likeness. And now, not too long after Max Payne 2, Game Boy Advance is getting its own share of Payne.

The GBA version will replicate just about everything gamers loved about the original game, but in a portable way. The game will follow the same story line as the original game, featuring the same beloved and quite cheesy comic book style. Even better, it will feature Max's narration once again. In fact, there's over thirty minutes of spoken dialogue in the game. It all seems to be accurate presentation wise, but how are elements like the camera and graphical style handled?

We all know that it's not possible to convert the game's PC graphics onto the GBA. However, this is handled very well. Instead of the third-person view the original Max Payne games used, the GBA version has been given an isometric view, which allows you to see in virtually every direction. And sure enough, it all looks very nice. This also means all of the games enemies are 3D characters, this way it doesn't feel like your shooting at little cardboard cutout men.

Now that you know how Max Payne looks and feels in comparison to the PC version, you're probably wondering how it will play. The thing that worries most fans of the series is how bullet-time will be done on the GBA. Bullet-time on the GBA version will work the same way as its predecessors. When Max jumps into slow motion he can do a variety of moves. For example, he can jump off to the side, stay airborne for a moment, and shoot at enemies until he hits the ground. There will have a bar on the bottom of your screen that indicates how much of the technique you have left. When you run out, the only way to get it back is by annihilating your enemies. The more you kill, the more you get back.

In order to kill your enemies, you're obviously going need an arsenal of weapons. You will be able to choose from ten different weapons, all of which you must choose wisely. If you're taking on only one or two enemies, you probably will want to save your more powerful weapons. If you're heavily outnumbered, you'll probably want to switch to your Uzis. And if you're more about power, then of course you've got your trusty shotgun to blast away your enemies. Just to add to the already frantic gameplay, the game will feature certain destructible items. This is another very cool aspect that pushes the power of the GBA.

Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself "I need to get this game!" Well, here's some great news for you. The GBA installment of Max Payne is set to ship on December 16th! Luckily you'll be able to add this game to your Christmas wishlist! All of you GBA owners better start preparing yourselves for Payne, Max Payne.

Preview By: MarioPrime - 2261 Reads

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Max Payne Screenshots for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
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