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Geist Preview for GameCube
Posted on Monday, December 29, 2003 @ 04:34:59 am E.S.T

With games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 scheduled to be released next year, gamers are already predicting 2004 to be the year of the shooter. While everyone knows the big titles and sequels such as Halo 2, there are others that you may not of heard of, like N-Space’s Geist.

Geist is a shooter with a bit of a twist. Instead of assuming the role of a soldier or robot, you are a ghost. Because of this you have many unique abilities that your normal character wouldn’t have. For example, you can enter a room unheard, and for the most part unseen, and move items around in order to confuse and scare people in the room. You can also move through spaces in walls that would be too small for a human to pass through.

This guy could be useful...
This guy could be useful...

While these are all interesting abilities, the real innovation of being a ghost is that you are able to possess other living creatures. I say creatures because along with possessing humans, you can also possess animals such as dogs. Possession plays a vital role in the game because as you progress you’ll need to be able to access areas and complete tasks that only a certain character can do. For example, if you must hack a computer, you’ll have to find a person who has the ability to hack.

When you possess a character, along with gaining his or her body and memory, you also gain their weapons and equipment. This means if you see a guard carrying an assault rifle, upon possessing him you’ll be able to use it. And like any shooter, Geist will feature a selection of different weaponry that can be used. Although it is not known how many weapons will be available in the final version, there are three that are certain; a handgun, assault rifle, and the trusty old shotgun.

While in ghost form, you are not invincible. Like a human, the ghost has a life meter, and when it is empty, the ghost will die. This is another reason why possession is a key element to the game. If you are running dangerously low on health you’ll want to get into a body as soon as you can so your health will be full again. However, if your host is dangerously low on health, then you’ll want to exit the body as soon as you can. This is because if your host dies, then you die with it. Because of this you’ll always be moving, trying to find another body to possess. This also makes for interesting puzzles. You may need a host who can open something that a ghost cannot, and once its open you may need to get through it with the ghost.

I wouldn't want to catch this guy in a dark alley.
I wouldn't want to catch this guy in a dark alley.

But of course, what shooter would be complete without a multiplayer mode? Not much is known about Geist’s multiplayer modes, but there is a little information. The game will feature split screen matches that support up to four players at a time. In these matches, you’ll still assume the role of a ghost and be able to possess others, but how this is done is still unknown. The game will feature a deathmatch mode, but that is all that is known at the moment. Will it support LAN? What other modes of play are there? All of these questions should be answered in time.

Geist is looking like it may be one of the more interesting titles of 2004. If N-Space can pull it off right, it just might be able to stand out among the Halo’s and Half-Life’s of 2004. This is definitely a title that you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Preview By: MarioPrime - 1742 Reads

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