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Resident Evil 4 Preview for GameCube
Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 @ 07:20:15 pm E.S.T

Capcom is one of the best companies around. They've made many successful games in the past, but there was always one which stood out: Resident Evil. This title first debuted on the Playstation in and since then it has been the ultimate terror in gaming. Skip forward to one year ago. This was at a time that GameCube was referred to as the "kiddie system". But this talk quickly ended once Capcom released a remake, or revamp, of the original Resident Evil. Now, GameCube owners have also experienced the terror of gaming. Skip forward to this year. Capcom announces that Resident Evil 4 will be released exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Now the first thing that made Resident Evil on the GameCube so amazing was its graphical style. It featured incredibly detailed character models. It also had completely beautiful and detailed environments However these were all pre-rendered. One might think that there is no possible way that the graphics could be improved. They already look realistic, how can they be better? Leave it to Capcom to a achieve the impossible, because Resident Evil 4's graphics look even better. No, I'm not crazy, really I'm not. The graphics somehow manage to look even more detailed and amazing than the first Resident Evil on GameCube. But here's the real kicker, the backgrounds are not, I repeat not, pre-rendered. Yes, they are all fully 3D.

Leon seems to be in some pain.
Leon seems to be in some pain.

However, not only the environments and characters are looking better from a graphical stand point. New and improved effects are now present, too. For example, have you ever noticed that most of a time in games that it's always a rain storm outside, but when you actually go outside, there's not even thunder?Well now, as demonstrated in a trailer, when you walk outside rain will be pouring down and hitting you as it would in real life. Plus there are cracks of thunder and lightning flashes that light up the sky. Simply incredible.

Now with all of this technical stuff out of the way, let's move right on to everything else we know about Resident Evil 4. The most definite thing that is known about RE4 plot wise is that the main character is Leon S. Kennedy. As the game's original trailer shows, he's on a mission to once again check out some strange happenings when he is surrounded by a cloud of gas and passes out. This gas is yet another in Umbrella Corporation's never ending supply of viruses. So from my best judgment, I can safely say that Leon is infected with this virus. Also, it looks like he is investigating this virus because he is exploring many environments, including a mansion, of course. Is he looking for the cause, a cure? We'll have to wait until more information is released before we know.

Moving on to another aspect that is heavuly underlined in every Resident Evil, the atmosphere. And believe me when I say Resident Evil 4 is darker than dark, if that is in fact possible. As a trailer shows, Leon is walking through a hallway which is only lighted by the night sky that shines through the windows of the hallway. In the same trailer, we see Leon outside walking through a rain storm as the light source comes from streaks of lightning that crack across the sky. To help aid Leon through the darkness, he is also equiped with a flashlight, and from what trailers have shown, he'll need it.

Just look at the hair on this guy, stylin'.
Just look at the hair on this guy, stylin'.

With darkness comes atmosphere. And with atmosphere comes fear. And just how can Resident Evil get any scarier? Well, in many ways apparently. In one scene we see a quick flash of a deer head on the floor violently twiching. We also what appears to be another mutated little child, Lisa from the first Resident evil being the first one. And if you must confront a zombie wielding sharp hook like weapon, that might just be able to scare you as well. As I said before, be afraid, be very afraid.

Details are very scarce on this game at this time. We don't know if the game will play much differently than its GameCube predessecors, or if the controls will be changed from the previous titles. We also don't know if any bugs or any other technical aspects will be changed or fixed. We do know, however, that Resident Evil 4 will be frightening. Don't get too excited though GameCube owners, you won't get your hands on this game until sometime next winter. That should give you enough time to prepare yourself for a physiological roller coaster of fear. Oh, and one important piece of advice regarding Resident Evil 4; don't pee your pants!

Preview By: MarioPrime - 9531 Reads

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