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Metroid: Zero Mission Preview for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2004 @ 05:26:03 pm E.S.T

It's starting to become a trend in gaming these days - supposed "remakes" that are more than just a graphical update. Whether it be modifications to the storyline or changes within the levels, re-releases are becoming more than just porting something over to a new console. Metroid: Zero Mission is the second game on the Game Boy Advance to star everyone's favorite female intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Based loosely off of the original Metroid, which eternally blasted Aran into the hearts of gamers on the NES in 1985, Zero Mission includes all of the weapons, environments, and bosses that made the original a classic, but with some new twists to the original title that made Samus the gaming superstar she is today.

Details are scarce on this title, which is due out next month, but we do know that not only is the original game receiving a visual overhaul, but Samus is also keeping in tact the maneuvers she learned in later titles. An excellent example of this is the dash from Super Metroid, which allows Aran to break through walls. Also, some new scenes are being added into the game along with the classic memories (one can clearly notice homage to both the opening level of Super Metroid within the videos that Nintendo presented at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo).

Metroid: Zero Mission Logo

For those of you that have been living under a rock since '85 and aren't familiar with the plot of the original Metroid, here's the scoop to get you caught up to the rest of the world: Samus is sent to explore Planet Zebes, where officials believe that a group of people called the Space Pirates are experimenting with and breeding the species known as Metroid. These Metroid are parasitic creatures who attach themselves to another species and slowly draw from their life in order to survive. It's all on Samus' back to go into Zebes, infiltrate Tourian--the central base of the Space Pirate fortress--,defeat the Mother Brain and shut down all plans of the Space Pirates to breed the Metroid species. This time around, however, technology has advanced itself in the real world (yes, the one you and I live in, not Zebes), and not only do we get rid of the sub-par translation of the original title, but there are added cut scenes that help explain and advance the story better.

Keeping in trend with other recent Metroid releases, there are unlockable bonuses abound here. Those who are lucky enough to own two GBA's and a copy of Metroid Fusion can unlock a special art gallery with pictures of the beautiful Aran in all of her glory. Also, locked away deeply in the game is the original NES version of Metroid, completely in tact and emulated to perfection. Hopefully Nintendo did without the ever-annoying password system of old and allowed the original game to use a battery save.

With the release date of February 9th drawing closer, we're surprised Nintendo hasn't leaked out any more details on what's sure to be one of the GBA's first blockbuster titles of 2004. However, we'll keep you informed on any new information that is released from the source on the days up to the release.

Preview By: Matt Hack - 2138 Reads

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Metroid: Zero Mission Screenshots for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
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