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Alias Preview for PC
Posted on Friday, February 06, 2004 @ 01:28:19 pm E.S.T

This spring, Xbox, PS2, and PC gamers will get to experience ABC’s hit espionage/action/kung fu show, Alias, in a whole new light. Now, I know what you’re thinking – video games based on TV shows never work out. It’s the curse, right? Just look at The Simpsons. However, I happen to think that Acclaim’s newest TV-based title might just break the curse, along with making all you non-believers eat a slice or two of humble pie.

After working for two years to bring down SD-6, a criminal organization posing as the CIA, government operative Sydney Bristow thought her job was done. However, Arvin Sloane, ringleader of SD-6, remains at large. Until he’s caught and put behind bars, Sydney’s job will never be done.

Bristow’s search for Arvin will span six multi-parted missions (like those seen in Medal of Honor: Frontline) and will include a variety of locales, like Tokyo, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas.

She’ll be utilizing a number of uber-awesome kung fu techniques on the journey, such as various throws, high kicks, and an extensive list of disarming moves. In addition to these, Sydney will have a multitude of silent takedowns at her disposal. For example, one move will have Sydney pouncing on an assailant from above, breaking his neck between her deceptively muscular thighs. To add to the carnage, items like brooms and shovels can be pulled from the environment and used as weapons. To ensure that they aren’t over-used, though, these potential weapons are degradable, meaning they grow weaker after every use and eventually become useless.

Sydney will also make use of twelve different outfits throughout the game (sheesh, girls and their clothes). Don’t think they’re there just to make her look pretty, though; she’ll use them to infiltrate enemy buildings and sneak past guards, among other things. If that fails, she’ll have to resort to sneaking in the shadows and hiding unseen in dark corners, Splinter Cell-style.

If areas where the stealthy approach isn’t necessary, Sydney can make use of her arsenal of weapons and gadgets, which Acclaim has promised but at the same time kept under wraps. Oh well, I suppose they have to keep some things secret. One thing’s for sure, though: with so many ways to complete levels and kill off enemies, gameplay can’t possibly be boring.

Acclaim has taken steps to keep Alias true to its television roots, too. Screenwriters from the show have been hired to write the game’s story (which takes place between episodes nineteen and twenty of the TV show), while many of the voice actors, including Jennifer Garner (Sydney Bristow) and Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane) are present, too. Settling for nothing less than perfection, Acclaim even hired the show’s costume designers.

Here’s what Rod Cousens, Acclaim’s global president and chief operating officer had to say about matters: "We are very excited to be working in concert with this very talented cast and production team to deliver an entertainment experience that truly captures the essence of ABC's successful series. As technology continues to evolve, it allows us to create content that is on par with feature films and television."

Judging from screenshots and video feeds of Alias, the game seems visually sound, though character models are still a little blocky. Reports say that frame rate is dead on, and a varied colored scheme lights up the playable areas of the game. And since Acclaim has one or two more months to work on this aspect of Alias, the finished product should look terrific.

For those of you obsessed with multi-player action, Acclaim hasn’t released any word on whether the game will feature online play, or a multi-player mode at all. Hopefully they do include some kind of multi-player in Alias, because, well…who doesn’t want to see Jennifer Garner get in a wrestling match with herself?

With little bonuses like lock picking mini-games and a revolutionary single-player split screen to show two events happening at the same time, Alias should be an entertaining take on the TV show and a true treat to play.

Preview By: Stealth52 - 2273 Reads

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