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Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland Review for Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Posted on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 08:03:35 am E.S.T

Kirby the powerful puffball first came on the scene back in Kirby's for the original Gameboy in 1992. To many the different style of gameplay was a breath of fresh air (literally). Instead of just jumping on your enemies, you could eat them, and better yet you could spit them back out at other enemies.

Well Kirby, King Dedede, and the crew, made a recent return to our lives with Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland for Gameboy Advance.

Design: Over the years Kirby has had different powers to help him in his quest. This game does not disappoint, with powers such as: fireball, sword fighter, wheelz, stone the list goes on with 26 power abilities in all. The best part about having the powers is using them at specific times. Ussually you're provided with the most helpful power at the right time. For example if you have a long stretch of map with lost of little jumps and lots of walking enemies, you'll be able to get the wheelz powerup and fly through that section.

Another great aspect and this game powerwise, is that after most of the bosses you face, you'll have the oppurtunity to eat and absorb the bosses power. Not only that but throughout the game there are sections called “Muesems” where you can see and try out different powers.

The newest great feature of this game is the mini game. Whie your flying and running around the level choosing area, you'll see little doors that open up to mini games where you can earn points and lives. The games tend to deal with being able to push the button at the right time. Although they sound simple the game's such as Bomb Rally and Quick Draw will keep you busy and are truly challanging the farther you get into the game. Plus when you're done playing the levels you can go back to the main menu and play the mini games based on how far you are in the game. You can also play any and all of these mini games in link mode.

The main (and just about only) complaint I have about this game was that it didn't take me more than 3 days to beat the main game. Although I can't complain too much about that because they're are challanging secret modes and hidden higher difficulty levels that I have yet to beat. Anyway as far as GBA games go I tend to fly through them, and this game did have one of the more challanging endings I've played to date on the GBA.

Graphics: The graphics for this game reminded me a lot of yoshi story graphics, very cartoony, very appealing to a young audience. The characters were all done well and the colors were very bright. You can't really expect much of a graphical wonder out of a GBA but they did a superb job and some of the end sequences are done extremely well.

Sound: Sound for a GBA game again isn't going to be a big draw. The music and sounds in this game were done very well. I'd have to say that my acctual “favorite” sound moment of the game was in the Quick Draw mini game. The wind and the sound of the swords were expertly done for what little sound driver they have.

Addiction: Although the game is truly fun expierience there isn't much depth beyond the single player. The mini games are great fun, but it's not enough to keep me interested in (at least playing by myself) for more than 15 minutes. But if you add a link cable, you've got yourself a little challenging fun group of games to play with up to 4 friends.

Review By: Aaron Reed - 2417 Reads

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