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Editorial: The Phantom, Fiction or Reality?

Posted on Mon, Mar 17, 2003

I've been looking and looking the last couple of days for ways to prove or disprove the existence of the phantom. Let me take you through my findings now.

The Hardest Evidence: The Southwest Florida HeraldTribune Article
This is the first one on one interview i've seen with anyone in the company and by far offers the most insight into what the Phantom really is. The article really points out that this console is Online only. No cd-roms involved, no carts, nothing you can put in.

I consider this all great evidence of the existence of the phantom because it's an acctual interview with a newspaper in thier area. Not a gaming site, not a rumor site, but a real newspaper.

Who is? I Ran a whois on the site address to make sure it wasn't a fake and i came up with something that just pointed to a man on an island south florida, just a very short drive from Sarasota, the apparent home of the Phanton and Infinuim Labs.

Steve Foster
Steve Foster
**** Gulf of Mexico Drive
Longboat Key, FL 34228
Phone: (877) 482-9585
Fax..: (877) 482-9585

The Phantom @ E3- GamerFeed: Infinium announces they'll be at the gaming industries biggest event.

My Opinion:
It's Real.

The "facts" people bring up to prove it false are stupid and rumor driven.

"It's cross console and that breaks copyright rules"

It's never said it was cross console.. People used they're funny little heads and turned it into an amazing do everything machine. It's a broadband content providing machine. Like i stated above NO CDROMS, CARTS, PLUGIN INVOLVED! It's all in demand entertainment, like ordering a movie on cable.

"No real previews in major magazines"

Please Read The Herald Tribune Article Above...

Not telling people about it seems to be one of the best marketing tools i've seen. People are throwing this thing all over.

"EA is supposedly making it and they said they never would"

Another rumor started by stupid people! Everyone is making this more than it is.

In Conclusion :
It's a real system. I have no doubts now. If you've been to a hotel, you know how simple it is to offer indemand games. You pay you play, simple as that.

I don't understand why it's so unrealistic. Go to your local sports bar. They're trivia and poker games that you put quarters in and play with people all over America. This is going to be just like that except its in your home. The "30,000+" titles thing isn't that tough to believe either. You just get developers to sign on and they get a cut of money for whoever plays your game.

I personally will never own this thing.. $600 for the system and pay for play isn't appealing to me. I'd rather have my game in hand.

Were not going to be able to judge this system completly till it makes it's apperance at e3. But the idea is no longer some kind of out of reach intangible thing. It's a simple idea that they're basically trying to sell more to broad band companies to help promote they're service and incorporate and promote "online gaming" as something you get with your internet. If you notice on the Infinium site it has a place where broad band companies can contact them for distribution.

Bottom Line:
This isn't anything amazing, it's an idea thats been around for awhile it's just finally being implemented into homes.

Posted By: Aaron Reed - 1243 Reads

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