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Editorial: Chris's Random Ranting Part 2

Posted on Wed, Jul 21, 2004

Welcome to Chris’s Random Ranting, where I rant on about things that annoy, irritate and perplex me in the gaming world. This week we’ll cover game delays, GTA clones and things that make me think ‘WTF?’

First, delays. Games are constantly delayed, for reasons like the title needs ‘more time’ or just ‘isn’t ready yet’. However, many games that end up being delayed end up like pure garbage – with the extra time, don’t you think these people would realize these games suck? This goes back to what I said in my original article, with series that drag on and horrible games. The newest Tomb Raider, for example, was delayed and ended up making me want to vomit when I saw someone willingly play it. Why don’t these people realize they’re just hurting their chances of actually selling games in the future?

Next, we’ve got GTA clones. It seems that ‘GTA’ might as well have its own genre; there are so many clones and attempts to mimic the game that I think that it really should be its own genre. Simpsons: Hit and Run (which I did actually enjoy), Spider Man 2, True Crime, the list goes on and on; many sections (in Spider Man’s case) or even entire games are copies with a new cover are becoming more and more common. It just annoys me that they can’t at least do SOMETHING original, although True Crime tried (and managed to complicate things too much for most people’s liking).

If the GTA series itself is being enhanced (3 to Vice City to San Andreas), why can’t these games copy one of these titles and then enhance THAT, rather than just slapping on the new setting and selling it?

And now my list of thoughts that cause only the thought of the phrase ‘WTF’ to come into my head:

-ESPN NBA Basketball’s (and virtually almost any sports games) amazing level of bugginess. There are just so many glitches, it’s at the point where I want to throw a random turkey leg at the system when they happen. A few examples: the computer makes a basket, yet play resumes like it was an airball – a defensive rebound is a ‘steal’ and an offensive rebound is just that. Players will get break a toe, come back out on the court and walk like they’re arm is broken. If you play in a zone, your players are more likely to stand still than move, as long as the offense isn’t in their area of the zone. Not only that, but the commentary is even more infuriating, but don’t get me started on that.

-The Zodiac. I’ve yet to see one person actually play it, let alone a store sell it. I don’t see any ads, nothing. Where’d it go?

-DS versus the PSP debates. They’re not direct competitors; they’re very different systems. People compare the two as if they’re the same thing from different companies. Why do people fail to realize the significant difference? GBA and DS are more-so direct competitors than the DS and PSP.

-Driv3r. This is the same game as the last two. I guess that’s why they didn’t actually put a number at the end, as this isn’t really a sequel, just a better looking version of the first two with some horrendously-controlling shooting sequences.

-Why weren’t the Microsoft sports games put on ‘hold’ years ago?

-Why wasn’t the N-Gage designed like this redesign when it first came out?

-Why are games considered Xbox Live ‘enabled’ if you can just see if your friends are online when playing?

-Why is the Mouth of Sauron not in the theatrical version of Return of the King!?

-Silent Hill 4: The Room. The Room? What kind of name is that?

-Viewtiful Joe, in the bargain bin? That game is one of the best on the GameCube, why didn’t anyone buy it?

Again, nothing is complete without a little ‘Oh yeah.’ Until next time boys and girls, this is your local ranter, Chris Pereira.

Posted By: Chris Pereira - 1270 Reads

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