Diablo 3 Guide – 4 D3 Tips You Must Know

Diablo 3 Guide

In this fast Diablo 3 guide, I am going to reveal to you 4 D3 tips that you need to know. These are tips and tricks that you can use when playing Diablo 3 that can help you level faster, get more loot, and gain an edge over the competition!

Diablo 3 Tips – #1. Check NPC Vendors For Items

One little-known tip that has helped me quite a bit when leveling up in Diablo 3 is checking NPC vendors for items. I am talking about the computer controlled merchants that sit in town and are marked with a loot bag on the mini-map. A lot of players check these once and then assume that these vendors have nothing good to offer.

However, the truth is that the stats on the vendor items are automatically reset each time you join a game. This means that you can join a Diablo 3 game, check the vendors to see what the items they are selling are like, and then leaving the game.

This is particularly useful for finding all sorts of equipment. For example, if you find a vendor that sells rings or amulets, you can keep joining and leaving games until you find a ring or amulet that has the “Keen Ring of Wounding” stat. This increases your attack speed and weapon damage and a level-appropriate Ring and Amulet set with these stats can literally increases your damage by 25-100% (depending on level and weapon quality)!

Additionally, you can look for weapons with good attributes, such as Keen (weapon name) of the Eel/Snake/Winter/Flame, as these weapons tend to have the highest DPS out of any you will find. By applying this Diablo 3 strategy, you can essentially get a free look at blue items and then keep joining and leaving games until you find one with the stats you want.

If you want to take this Diablo 3 guide a step further, you can often buy a lot of these items and then re-sell them on the Auction House for a nice profit!

D3 Tips – #2. Farming Bosses Solo is Often Faster than Grouping

Farming bosses in order to get the bonus experience points for completing the quest is one of the fastest ways to earn experience points – any decent Diablo 3 Guide will tell you that. However, did you know that this is often much faster than solo as compared to joining public games?

When you play in public games, you do not get any bonus experience points. Additionally, you can often start later along the boss quest in a private game as compared to a public game.

As an example, if you beat the Skeleton King once and want to repeat him, you can start the “Reign of the Black King” at “part 2″, which places you at the waypoint on the Cathedral Level 3. This is much further along than the public games quest, which starts you at Leorics passage and puts you at the beginning of Cathedral Level 2.

Since private games that you start yourself allow you to start so much further along, you can literally solo the Skeleton King and complete the quest nearly twice as fast solo as you could with a group.

Note that this only applies to public games. If you want to play with friends in a private game, the person who creates the game can select the individual points within a quest and the whole group can start at that point. Only pick-up games have to deal with having to start a boss-related quest at the beginning.

Diablo 3 Tips – #3. Skip the Auction House When Leveling

As a general rule of thumb, you want to try to avoid buying items off of the auction house when leveling up your first character in Diablo 3. Instead, you want to invest that money into your Blacksmith, as this NPC will be able to create you all the armor and weapons you need for leveling. Not only that, but a high level Blacksmith is able to craft some of the best equipment in the game! You will want to be able to craft this gear at 60, so be sure not to waste your money on Auction House goods which you will out-level in a few hours.

The fact that you level up very quickly in Diablo 3 is the primary reason why you will not want to spend all your money on Auction House equipment. If you buy the best level 10 sword, you will pay a lot of gold for it and then find it is obsolete after a few hours of playing. Save your money and level up your Blacksmith.

Your Blacksmith can create gear for just about every slot (except jewelry) for every class and gets recipes about once every 10 levels. This means you have at a bare minimum a level 5 weapon, level 15 weapon, level 25 weapon, and so on all the way to level 60, just by training your Blacksmith. You get the same thing for armor slots as well.

Your Jewelry needs are easily satisfied by using the first tip mentioned in this Diablo 3 guide – buying from vendors. Vendors often sell rings and amulets and you can always leave and join games until you get the best stat allotments on your jewelry of choice. Between the Blacksmith and vendor-bought jewelry, you should never have to use the Auction House and never have to worry about about gear when leveling up.

Diablo 3 Tip #4 – Use Pro Player Builds

While one of Diablo 3′s selling points is that there is a huge variety of builds for players, the truth is top-tier players are all using the same builds. If you are struggling with content, odds are you are not using the right build or equipment for your class.

Fortunately, there is a great guide called Inferno Codex which contains step-by-step builds and gear guides for all classes. When you apply these builds and tactics, Hell mode will feel like normal mode and Inferno becomes a game mode you can farm in rather than one where you get killed in! You can get Inferno Codex by clicking here.

Diablo 3 Guide – Conclusion

By applying the 4 tips in this article, you will be able to level faster, earn more gold, and get better equipment. These tips and secrets revealed in this Diablo 3 Guide can be applied with any class or player of any skill level, so enjoy!

Diablo 3 Guide

Diablo 3 Melee Wizard Build

If you want to play a melee Wizard in Diablo 3, you should first know that no matter what build you pick up, things are going to get a little dicey as compared to playing a regular Wizard. If you are still okay with these risks, then read on to discover the perfect Diablo 3 Melee Wizard build.

As your free Signature Skill, you are going to want to use Spectral Blade. This is the melee-ranged skill which basically attacks like a Cleave in front of you and deals 135% weapon damage. Not a bad skill at all to use as a Wizard.

For defense, you are going to want to use Energy Armor (with the max damage taken rune), Diamond Skin, and maybe even Frost Nova. Using 3 defensive skills might sound like overkill, but you will definitely want Energy Armor and Diamond Skin. I think you will end up wanting Frost Nova too in order to stun your opponents, which makes taking them out much easier.

Energy Armor is really important because it contains a rune that prevents you from taking more than 35% damage in 1 strike. As a melee Wizard, you are going to need this so you do not get surprised by a Rare or Boss enemy that hits particularly hard or has a skill that is tough for melee classes to dodge. You have to remember Barbarians and Monks get a natural 30% damage reduction that you do not as a Wizard and encounters are tuned for this.

Diamond Skin helps you absorb huge amounts of damage and is 100% necessary to make a melee Wizard work. The problem with Diamond Skin is that it will never be up 100% of the time. This is where Frost Nova comes in handy – you can use Frost Nova to stun enemies in between Diamond Skin cooldowns.

Your 5th and 6th skills are where you are going to have to make some tough decisions. I would definitely use Explosive Blast, since this ability is pretty powerful but usually not very viable to the Wizard due to its range. As a melee Wizard though, range is not an issue so Explosive Blast is pretty good

For your sixth slot, you can pretty much take whatever skill you like. I think Arcane Orb makes a good choice since at melee range it blows up right away and tends to hit a lot of targets with its splash damage. This also gives you a good outlet for dumping your Arcane Power when it is maxed out.

If you chose to skip over Frost Nova, you probably want to add on Archon in your 6th slot. Archon is very useful to take out Champion and Rare packs that might be hard counters to a melee Wizard.

The only downside to this build is that it does not contain Teleport. If you are having trouble staying alive and need some sort of escape, I would likely switch Explosive Blast for Wave of Force before adding in Teleport, just because as a melee Wizard you are not going to get nearly as much use out of Teleport as a ranged character would.

Diablo 3 Town Portal and Waypoint FAQ

Need to know how travel works in Diablo 3? This guide to the town portal, waypoint, and flags works has everything you need to know!

Diablo 3 Town Portal

In Diablo 3, Town Portals work very differently in Diablo 3 than they did in Diablo 2. First of all, there are no more scrolls of Town Portal. Instead, you get a stone that lets you open portals to town once you defeat the Chancellor in Act 1.

Once you have the stone, you can open a portal at any point by pressing the “T” key. You cannot open a town portal until you get this item.

When you do get the stone of town portal, the portals work differently than they did in Diablo 2. When you open up a portal to town, only you can go through it and return through it. Other players instead travel through the banners or flags that sit in town.

Diablo 3 Banners

In Diablo 3, each player has a banner (flag) which sits in town. These are always active. When someone clicks on your flag in town, they are automatically transported to your character.

Additionally, since in Diablo 3 everyone is automatically in groups and you cannot “Declare Hostility” like you could in Diablo 2, there is no way to prevent this from happening in group games. Anyone can port to any player at any time. This is a good thing though as at higher difficulty levels you will not want to be playing in a group game as a solo player.

Furthermore, you do not get bonus XP/loot for fighting alone in a 4 person game – instead you get about the same amount as normal mode, so there is really no point in joining public games and sneaking off to do events when you could just as easily do them in your own game and get the same rewards.


Waypoints are found throughout the game and let you teleport to an area you have been before in the game. You have to unlock waypoints by walking up to them and earning the teleport.

However, Waypoints in Diablo 3 are not always unlocked once you unlock them. When I mean by this is that in Diablo 3, you can repeat quests that you have done before. When you are doing an old quest (say Reign of the Skeleton King), you do not get to use the Royal Crypts waypoint (which would put you right on top of the boss) even if you have found it in an earlier game. This exists to keep farming down to a reasonable level.

In Diablo 2, you could visit any waypoint that you had unlocked before. You can only use waypoints that do not advance you too far ahead of your current quest in Diablo 3. This is not as big of an inconvenience as it sounds, because in Diablo 3 Waypoints are much more common and they also do not seem to be hidden like in Diablo 2. You cannot really progress through the game without hitting waypoints.

Best Class Duo in Diablo 3

A lot of people out there are looking to play Diablo 3 with a friend. If you are wondering what the best class duo is in Diablo 3, look no further, as you are about to discover exactly what that is right here.

Best Class Duos: Barbarian and Monk

While you might not think two melee characters make a great duo, that would only be because you have not yet checked out the abilities for these two classes.

First off, the Barbarian and Monk have the best class buffs in the game. War Cry from the Barbarian provides a sizable armor buff, whereas the Monk has a variety of powerful Mantras that can be used to boost resistances, dodge, damage, or quite a bit of healing.

In addition to the defensive boosts, the Barbarian can use Threatening Shout to reduce the damage enemies deal by 20% and Concussion (Crippling Wave rune) does the exact same thing. This reduces the amount of damage enemies deal by a significant amount.

Finally, the Monk gets access to an AoE heal which can be used to boost both the Barbarian and Monk’s damage. The AoE heal is very powerful but has a short range, which makes it hard to use on ranged group members. Fortunately it is very easy to use on the Barbarian thanks to the short range.

Other Diablo 3 Class Duos

What about the other classes? Well, the Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Demon Hunter are all good classes, but they do not have nearly the same level of buffs as the other classes. The Witch Doctor can slightly boost group damage with Hex, the Wizard can slightly boost group damage with Conflagration, and the Demon Hunter can slightly boost damage with Marked for Death.

These buffs are all weak and on the order of about 10% or so increase in damage. None of these are significant buffs like Warcry or Mantras. This does not even include the damage reduction effects of Threatening Shout or Concussion. I am also not including the variety of runes that offer small debuffs to the enemy that the Monk has or the large quantity of stuns you can use as a Barbarian.

All in all, the Barbarian and Monk are great partners and in my opinion the best duo in Diablo 3.

Best Diablo 3 Farming Class

Since Diablo 3 is a game of items, many players want to know what the best farming class is in Diablo 3. This does not have a straight forward answer so in this guide I will be revealing different options for what the best class is.

Best Farming Class for Top Tier Items

The best items in Diablo 3 can only be found in Acts 3 and 4 of Inferno mode. This is a very difficult area of the game to fight in when you are playing solo – you really need a 4-man group to be effective here unless you are already geared out. Because of this, really any class can farm well since you will be part of a 4-man team if you want to have a lot of success with Inferno.

However, if you are looking to solo Inferno mode, I think that either the Monk or the Demon Hunter has the best chance. The Demon Hunter is good because it is a ranged class and can avoid a lot of enemies. The problem is the Demon Hunter still might suffer against melee enemies that are very fast and wall you in (Rare packs).

The Monk on the other hand cannot avoid damage as easily due to its melee status, but it does have a variety of mitigation abilities and healing skills that are not available to other classes. This could allow the Monk to survive very difficult scenarios and as such be good at farming.

Best Class for Solo Farming

Things change a lot if you are playing solo because odds are you will be farming lesser enemies for speed rather than time in an effort to get gold, rare items, crafting materials, and gems. You can effectively farm gems, crafting materials, and gold in Act 1 of Inferno mode and you can kill enemies here pretty quickly.

The Barbarian I think makes the best class for this portion of the game because you are able to do a ton of AoE damage as a Barbarian and still get good damage mitigation. This means that you will be able to take a few hits in Act 1 of Inferno mode but will still be able to clear fast enough to collect large piles of gold, gems, and the crafting materials you need in order to make good money.

While the Wizard and Witch Doctor are good classes, I am not sure if I can consider them near the top of the list for the best farming classes. The Wizard is definitely good at farming but it cannot take as many hits as the Barbarian and it can be hard to avoid damage from Rare packs in Inferno mode due to all of the prefixes that enemies get.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Weapons Guide

There are three types of weapons available to the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3: Bows, Hand Crossbows, and Crossbows. In this guide to the Demon Hunter’s available weapons, you will discover exactly what the differences are between these weapons and which ones are the best to use.

Bows and Crossbows

Bows and Crossbows are two-handed weapons. They can be equipped in the main-hand slot and you can use a quiver in the off-hand slot when using these weapons. Both of these are powerful ranged weapons. There are just two differences between them:

  • Bows get 15% bonus damage from the Archery passive skill, while Crossbows get +50% bonus damage to critical hits. This favors Bows over Crossbows unless you have a very high critical hit rate but no +bonus damage to critical hit gear. This is very hard to do and generally implies poor gear choice, so Bows do get more out of the Archery passive.
  • Crossbows are slower than bows. This favors Crossbows, as you regenerate Hatred over time. This makes slower weapons more effective, so this favors Crossbows.

Since Archery is better for Bows but Crossbows are slower, we’ll consider this an even draw. You may have your own opinion of this, but really the difference between Bows and Crossbows is just personal preference.

Hand Crossbows Guide

Unlike Bows and Crossbows, Hand Crossbows can be dual-wielded. This means you can actually equip two Hand Crossbows, one in the main hand slot and one in the off-hand slot. You can also use a quiver with a Hand Crossbow if you have nothing better to put in the off-hand slot.

In Diablo 3, dual wielding increases your attack speed by 15%. That is the only bonus you get from dual-wielding. You alternate attacks with each weapon and each weapon keeps its own attack speed. This means that you have to be pretty careful about using weapons in the off-hand slot. Your two weapons need to be about the same damage or otherwise you will actually not gain any damage over using a quiver when dual wielding.

The real bonus of dual wielding comes from the fact that weapons share bonus stats like +dexterity and the like. Weapons tend to have huge stat pools for global stats like dexterity and vitality, so when you dual wield Hand Crossbows you really want to use stat-rich weapons. Dual Wielding Hand Crossbows that do not offer great stat bonuses will usually result in less damage than using just a two-handed bow with a quiver.

Also, Archery provides 10% critical hit when using a Hand Crossbow. This is a great benefit if you have a lot of +bonus damage with critical hit gear.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Tank Build

The Barbarian (along with the Monk) is one of the classes capable of a solid tank build. In this article, you are going to get a guide to the best D3 Barbarian tank build that includes active and passive abilities.

Active Abilities

The first skill you want to choose as a tanking Barbarian is Bash. With Bash, you want to equip the Clobber rune. This offers you the ability to stun your opponents, which reduces the damage not only that you take but also the amount of damage the enemy deals. Stuns work well on bosses so there is no need to skip over these.

The second skill in this build will be Ground Stomp. This is an AoE stun that works well with bash and helps you keep enemies locked down. You can stun powerful enemies like bosses that are about to use their power abilities like the Skeleton King’s summon in order to stop them from casting. This is very useful as you can imagine.

Leap will be the third skill you add to your Hotbar. Here, you have two options for runes that work. You can go with Iron Impact, which will increase your armor by 300%. This is a nice amount of damage reduction. Since Leap has a 10 second cooldown and Iron Impact lasts for 4 seconds, this means you can have 300% bonus armor active 40% of the time! You can also use Death From Above which will give you even more stuns to chain with Ground Stomp and Bash. Know that you can use leap even on enemies in melee range, so you want to use it every 10 seconds for the buff or stun.

Threatening Shout is the skill you need you need in your fourth slot. There is a rune called Demoralize which makes enemies attack you for 3 seconds. This is the only taunt really in Diablo 3. However, you may also choose Falter, which further reduces the damage that enemies deal when affected by Threatening Shout. Both are good choices.

Ignore Pain is a great fifth skill as it gives you an “oh crap” button that you can push whenever you are in trouble. By reducing your damage by 65% for 5 seconds, you can practically survive any sort of attack. This works great with Mob Rule, which gives the buff to everyone in your group. This tanking build is meant for group play as it will not deal much damage.

Finally, you will want to use War Cry as your sixth skill. This will boost you and your group member’s armor nicely. There are a variety of runes you can choose from, but which one you choose depends on the encounter and your group’s gear. Sometimes you will want the extra armor whereas other times you will want the resistance. It depends if you have another Barbarian or Monk in the group to buff as well.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Tanking Passive Skills

Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, and Superstition are the three tanking passives you will want to equip. The first two will buff your armor up significantly and Superstition will help reduce the amount of damage you take from elemental abilities. All are great passives for use here.

Diablo 3 Wizard Basic Attacks – The Signature Skills

In Diablo 3, the Wizard’s most powerful skills require Arcane Power.you can go through this just by casting a few spells – it is nothing like mana from Diablo 2 which lasts forever.

As a result, while your Arcane Power is regenerating, you have to use free attacks. These Wizard basic attacks, also called “Signature” skills, deal less than damage than regular attacks but also have no cost.

There are four possible basic attacks you can choose from (though you can pick as many as you want):

  • Magic Missile: This skill shoots out a single bolt of energy which deals damage to a single target. This can be modified to deal more damage or even restore bonus Arcane Power. This skill is your strongest single-target skill you have that costs no Arcane Power.
  • Shock Pulse: This shoots out 3 charged bolts that move randomly across the ground at a medium speed. It does a lot of damage if all 3 charges hit, but that rarely happens. It is hard to use the base version of this skill with regular success.
  • Spectral Blade: This is a melee ranged attack that as a base skill has the highest damage potential. However, the runes for this skill are kind of bad and the melee range is really limiting. You could use it to mess around with a melee Wizard build, but it is not really viable at high difficulty levels.
  • Electrocute: This is a Chain Lightning skill which deals a small amount of damage but practically instantly jumps to nearby targets. With runes it can hit 6 targets, making it your best AoE signature skill. This skill got nerfed since early beta but it is still pretty good. However, I think a lot of players tend to use Arcane Power for AoE attacks and Magic Missile against the enemies that remain alive.

Diablo 3 Wizard Signature Skills Guide

While there are 4 basic attacks you can choose from as a Wizard in Diablo 3, most players will either grab Magic Missile or Electrocute as they are definitely the most effective skills for the majority of builds. Odd builds may make use of the other two skills – though you may want to avoid these in Inferno mode.

Be sure not to load up on too many basic attacks. I recommend taking either Arcane Missile or Electrocute, but since you can only pick 6 skills, you really do not have room to pick up both of these basic attacks in a single build.

Diablo 3 Auction House Guide and FAQ

The Auction House is a new feature to the Diablo series. In Diablo 2, players did their trading by getting together in trade channels or third party websites. In Diablo 3, there is a server-wide auction house which makes the buying and selling of goods much easier. It also makes the price of items a lot more stable – you will not be able to haggle great deals but you can still find “items on sale” through the auction house.

There are two type of auction houses in Diablo 3: the gold Auction House and the Real Money Auction House. The gold auction house uses gold (in-game currency) whereas the real money auction house uses real money, which players can load as much as they care to on to their account through Paypal. Both of these auction houses follow the same set of rules:

  • The house (Blizzard) takes 15% of the sale price – both gold and real money. This is how Blizzard is able to keep Diablo 3 free to play.
  • Once activated, auctions last 2 days unless someone buys the auction out early.
  • Once you put up an auction at a given price, you have 5 minutes to cancel the auction. Once the auction has been up for 5 minutes, you are locked in at that price. This means that if someone else comes along and keeps undercutting you on what you are trying to sell and your item will not sell, you will not be able to cancel the auction.
  • The reason getting locked into an auction that will not sell is painful is because you can only list 10 items at once. Since you can only sell 10 items (10 per auction house, so 20 total), you have to be really careful about what you want to list.

Selling Gold and Materials

The only exception to the rules come in the form of materials and gold. You can sell materials on the auction house (i.e. Subtle Essence for blacksmithing) at whatever “rate” you want. When players bid on materials, they only see how many materials are up total and what the going rate is. The system then automatically purchases materials in bulk for the buy in order of the lister’s selling rate.

For example, let’s say you log into the AH and find out that Subtle Essence has a going rate of 110 gold. This means that the cheapest auctions are generally going to be around that price. If you just want to buy a small amount, you should be able to get them for 110 gold without a problem. If you want to buy a large quantity, you will have to pay more gold.

The reason for this is that some Seller might have extra slots on the auction house and decide to sell essences at 140 gold each. If you want to buy those essences, you are going to have to pay extra gold. As a seller, you should know putting up your materials at the going rate will result in a fast sell, undercutting by a few gold will result in a near instant sale, and the more you bid over the going rate, the slower your items will sell.

You can put as many materials of the same type up in 1 auction block. Using the example above, you could list 140 essences at 130 gold each. This would take up 1 of your 10 auction house slots. You might not sell all of these essences to a single buyer, who for example might only buy 20 essences. You may see gold slowly filter in to your inbox as buyers purchase your essences.

Gold (the in-game currency) can be sold on the Real Money Auction House for money. This effectively allows you to trade in-game gold for dollars. I don’t expect this to be the most efficient way to earn real money in Diablo 3, but it is an option.

Diablo 3 PvP Removed?

At lot of players have been wondering whether or not Diablo 3 has PvP and if it has been removed. The truth is that Diablo 3 does not have PvP but will have PvP. What does this mean?

The developers decided that in order to implement and balance PvP, they needed at least a few more months of development time. Rather than delay the release of Diablo 3, they would rather ship the game with PvP rather than delaying the game’s release and shipping it with PvP at a later date.

There are a few reasons why PvP was removed for Diablo 3. The first was that the game was already ready to be released except for PvP, so literally the only thing holding back the game’s release was the implementation of PvP. This felt like a waste especially considering some players will never even PvP and it will take players a few months to hit level 60 and enter PvP as it is.

Additionally, the developers had to consider the launch schedule of other Blizzard games. Diablo 3 had been delayed for a long time as it is – it was supposed to come out in the winter of 2011 but instead did not actually come out until May 15th, 2012. This was a big delay for a company which has a variety of popular titles that are widely played.

What I mean by this is that there is a World of Warcraft expansion (Mists of Pandaria) as well as a Starcraft 2 expansion (Heart of the Swarm) which both need to be released sometime soon. They do not want to release these games near each other as this will cannibalize sales of their popular titles.

Types of PvP in Diablo 3

At release, there is no PvP or even dueling function in Diablo 3. A lot of this has to do with the game world in which Diablo 3 exists – it is dynamic and quest based and things vary based on the quest you are on.

What I mean by this is in Diablo 2 if you had already beat the game and made a new game, you would be able to take out any of the bosses. In Diablo 3, you start the game at a specific quest, and continue the game from that point on. Quests are dynamic and games are co-op in nature. This means that PvP will not be allowed in regular games.

Instead, PvP will exist in arenas. These will be separate maps you PvP on and have specific rules, i.e. the first team to die loses. They are also looking to implement dueling arenas in the game as well when they implement arenas.


Diablo 3 Max Level Info

In Diablo 3, the max level available to players is level 60. You can be sure that this will be raised through further expansion packs, probably from 60 to 70 in the first expansion and 70 to 80 in the second expansion. There are two planned expansions for Diablo 3 and we might see a third if the interest is there and Blizzard is able to make it profitable.

However, there is more than meets the eye to the way levels work in Diablo 3. In this article, you will find out what exactly I mean by that and what monster levels are like and how experience points work.

Experience Points by Level in Diablo 3

The way experience works in Diablo 3 is that you can get experience from enemies as long as you are not 10 levels or more higher than your enemy. This means that if a level 20 player kills a level 2 enemy, you will earn no experience, but if a level 18 player kills a level 10 enemy, you will get a small amount of experience.

The higher the monster’s level and the stronger it is, the more base experience it tends to offer. What I mean by this is that weak enemies tend to offer less experience points than big ones (i.e. weak skeletons versus large Abominations). However, this is just the base experience points.

Base experience points are then modified based on level. You only get the full base experience points for fighting monsters that are equivalent to your level. If you are fighting monsters above you, you get a very small XP boost up to three levels higher. This is not very significant so I would not go out of my way to seek this bonus.

If you are fighting monsters below your level, you get an experience point penalty. This penalty is very small for the first three levels then drops off sharply. What I mean by this is that if you are level 12 and fight a level 9 monster, you still get close to full credit for that enemy since you are only 3 levels higher than it. If you reach level 15 and fight that same monster, you will get almost no experience points for taking it out since you are 6 levels higher than it.

Monster Level by Difficulty

Monster level increases with each difficulty range. Monsters in Normal Mode go up to about level 31, in Nightmare Mode they go up to about 50, and in Hell Mode they go up to 60. Inferno Mode is something different altogether. Even though your character’s max level is 60 in Diablo 3, monsters in Inferno Mode can go up to level 65!

This means they will take less damage, dodge more frequently, and hit you with more accuracy than if they were at your level or lower. This gap in levels between you and your enemies is what makes Inferno Mode so hard!

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