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We currently have 1940 news articles in our database.

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 :: Latest News
Article Name Type Date
Nintendo's True Swing Golf Lives Up To Its Name Press Release 01/17/06
EA And Digital Illusions Announce New Booster Packs For Battlefield 2 Press Release 01/12/06
Ubisoft To Bring Astonishia Story to the PSP Press Release 01/12/06
Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials Press Release 01/12/06
EA Announces Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover Press Release 01/12/06
Far Cry Instincts To Deliver Adventures On Xbox and Xbox 360 Press Release 01/12/06
Ubisoft To Develop Video Game Based On TMNT CG Movie Press Release 01/12/06
Nintendogs Packs The Dog-House With Year-End Awards Press Release 01/12/06
Konami Ships Castlevania Double Pack To Stores Nationwide Press Release 01/11/06
Konami Ships Yu-gi-oh! GX Duel Acadamy For The Game Boy Advance Press Release 01/11/06
Ubisoft Announces Monster 4x4 World Circuit For Xbox Press Release 01/11/06
Tetris DS Announced With WiFi and Release Date of March 20th Press Release 01/10/06
EA and Amp'd Mobile Set To Bring Games to Mobile Handsets Press Release 01/10/06
Strategy First to Publish Seal of Evil in North America Press Release 01/09/06
Runestone Announces Beta Test Sign-Ups for Seed Press Release 01/09/06
Take-Two Acquires Irrational Games Press Release 01/09/06
Curious George Swings to Gold Press Release 01/09/06
Nintendo's Electroplankton Turns Music Novices into Mixing Maestros Press Release 01/09/06
The Battle For Middle-Earth II Collector's Edition Announced Press Release 01/07/06
Xbox 360 To Have Extrenal HD DVD Drive News Article 01/04/06
Oscar De La Hoya To Be Cover Athlete For Fight Night Round 3 Press Release 01/04/06
Nintendo's Hand-Held Systems Buck The Holiday Trend Press Release 01/04/06
Namco and Bandai Officially Integrate In North America Press Release 01/04/06
Playlogic Launches New Website with World Exclusive Trailer Press Release 01/03/06
New Xbox 360 Themes and Pictures News Article 12/29/05
Two New Xbox 360 Demos Available News Article 12/29/05
Xbox 360 Powers All-New Nissan URGE Concept Car Press Release 12/29/05
Atari Heats up the Streets With Details on Driver: Parallel Lines Press Release 12/27/05
Xbox Live Diamond Card Program Announced Press Release 12/27/05
Gamer-Talk is Looking for Dedicated Staff Press Release 12/23/05
Gamer-Talk Boards are Back! Site News 12/09/05
Attention Gamer-Talk visitors, we need your help Site News 11/15/05
2K Games to Publish The Da Vinci Code Press Release 11/04/05
EA Grabs The Simpsons Rights Press Release 11/04/05
Call of Duty 2 Big Red One Ships Press Release 11/04/05
PSP Media Manager Press Release 11/04/05
Konami Ships Castlevania Curse of Darkness Press Release 11/04/05
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare Ships Press Release 11/04/05
D&D Online Kicks Off Public Beta Press Release 11/04/05
Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS Ships Press Release 11/04/05
NBA 06 Ships for PS2 Press Release 11/04/05
City of Villains Has Gone Live Press Release 11/04/05
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Assaults Stores Press Release 10/28/05
Call of Duty 2 Storms Retail Press Release 10/28/05
Vietcong 2 is Now Available in Retail Stores Press Release 10/28/05
Best of the Battlefield Online Tournament Press Release 10/28/05
KOEI Poised to Lead Next-Gen with New Toronto Studio Press Release 10/28/05
Sony Announces New PSP Giga Pack Press Release 10/27/05
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Ships Press Release 10/27/05
Microsoft Reveals True Nature of "Hex 168" Press Release 10/26/05
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::Hot News::

· Tetris DS Announced With WiFi and Release Date of March 20th

· Xbox 360 To Have Extrenal HD DVD Drive

· Gamer-Talk is Looking for Dedicated Staff

· Gamer-Talk Boards are Back!

· Attention Gamer-Talk visitors, we need your help

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